Editable Fields in the Bulk Product Editor

Ablestar's Bulk Product Editor allows you to swiftly manage and modify multiple aspects of your Shopify product catalog. This article will cover the primary editable fields that you can manipulate using the Bulk Product Editor, including product fields, variant fields, Google Shopping fields, and metafield types.

Product Fields

Product fields are the elements that hold essential information about a product that doesn’t change for different variants. You can edit these fields to customize product information, providing your customers with accurate, comprehensive, and relevant details about what you're selling.

Let's take a closer look at the main product fields and how to edit them:

  • Product Title: The name of your product. It should be unique and descriptive.
  • Description: Holds detailed information about your product.
  • Vendor: Indicates the manufacturer or supplier of the product.
  • Product Type: Categorizes your product, making it easier for customers to navigate your store.
  • Tags: Tags are used to organize and categorize your products further.
  • Collection: Categories that you create in your online store to organize your products.
  • Price: How much a specific product variant will cost before shipping, discounts and taxes are applied.
  • Compare at Price: Display a sale price next to the original price, showing customers how much they're saving.
  • Product Category: Also commonly called the "Standard Product Type" field, and used to help manage your product data and determine the rate at which it is taxed.
  • Product Status: Intended to help manage products before you're ready to sell them and after you're done selling them.

Variant Fields

Variant fields are related to product variations. For example, a t-shirt product might have variants like different sizes or colors. Variant fields help you manage these different versions of the same product effectively.

Key variant fields you should know about include:

  • Continue Selling when Out of Stock: Indicates whether a product variant can be sold if it's no longer in stock.
  • Inventory Level: Keeps track of how many units of a variant you have in stock at a specific location.
  • Track Quantity: Indicates whether the product variant has a specific number inventory that is being tracked.

Google Shopping Fields

Ablestar's integration with Google Shopping allows your products to be listed on one of the world's largest marketplaces.

You can optimize these listings by manipulating the following Google Shopping fields:

Metafield Types

Metafields extend the standard fields within Shopify, allowing for extra information to be attached to products, variants, and more.

While the Bulk Product Editor is equipped to handle a variety of metafield types, we currently have detailed guides for two major ones:

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