Editing a Product's Status in Shopify

In October 2020 Shopify announced the addition of product statuses. This feature can help merchants manage their products by tagging them in either the active, draft or archived state. Our Bulk Product Editor app supports modifying the product statuses through either an In-App Edit or a Spreadsheet Edit

Re-importing your data

Since the product status field is new you might need to refresh your product data in the Bulk Editor app before running an edit. This will ensure that the app has the existing statuses of your products so that you can undo the edit if needed. You will need to re-import your data if you see a message like this:

To re-import your product data, go to the Settings section on the left-hand menu and click on the Re-Import All Data button:

Once your product data is refreshed you can edit product statuses.

Editing product statuses in-app

To editing Shopify product statuses inside the app, click on In-App Edit in the left hand menu. You the search filters to identify the products you want to edit and then click on Modify Products

Choose the Status field to edit and select the new status for the product:

If the preview looks good click on Run Edit to start the edit.

Editing product statuses with a spreadsheet

You can also edit product statuses by uploading a spreadsheet. Simply designate one column of the spreadsheet for the status and fill it with one of the following values:

  • draft
  • active
  • archived

If the column contains another value besides one of those three, the product won't be updated

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