Track Quantity (Inventory Management)

The "Track Quantity" field indicates whether the product variant has a specific number inventory that is being tracked. You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to set whether Shopify should track a variant's inventory level or not.


  • Because of how it's named in the API, this field is sometimes call the "Inventory Management" field
  • It's also possible for other fulfillment providers besides Shopify to track a variant's inventory level. Please contact us if you need help updating this in bulk

In-App Edits

You can set the 'Track Quantity' field by sellecting the coresponding setting in an in-app

Spreadsheet Edits

You can use any of the following options in a spreadsheet edit to set the 'Track Quantity' field.

Shopify tracks this product's inventory:
  • shopify
  • true
  • yes
  • 1
Don't track inventory:
  • none
  • false
  • no
  • 0
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