The description is the main block of text that explains your product on the product detail pages. You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to modify product's tags in bulk.


  • The product description is stored in HTML, not plain text
  • The HTML editor in the Shopify admin may slightly modify the HTML it's actual value.

In-App Edits

Please refer to the related article on modifying product descriptions if you are having problems getting the description to look how you want.

Removing Text from HTML

A common request is to remove a section of text from the description. For example, each description might have a sentence about the shipping times that needs to be deleted.
Traditionally we've recommended a Search/Replace edit to delete the text you're looking for. This works sometimes but can get tricky if there's HTML and special characters involved.
Since their introduction, we'd recommend using the following two types instead:
  • Remove text from a word to the end
  • Remove text up to and including a word
These will look for the word (or HTML) you specify and then remove everything before or after that text, including the text itself. We've found this to be a more reliable way than the search/replace to remove content from the start or end of descriptions.
This method will also close any open HTML tags.

Spreadsheet Edits

When setting product descriptions with a spreadsheet make sure that all newlines and characters are properly quoted or escaped. A quick way to verify this is to open up the file in Excel (or Google Sheets) and confirm that product descriptions don't leak into adjacent cells.

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