Collection (Manual)

Manual Collections are groups or categories of products where you select each individual product in that group. The other type of collection is an Automated Collection which automatically includes all products that match a specific condition. You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to add or remove products from Manual Collections.


Because of limitations with Shopify's API we cannot automatically keep collection data in sync.

If you make changes to your collections we recommend refreshing this info:

  • Go Settings -> Shopify Data in the left menu
  • Click on the refresh icon next to Manual Collections

Manual Collections were previously called "Custom Collections"

You can't manually add a product to an Automated Collection, instead you'll need to update the collection's rules to include the product

In-App Edits

You can add or remove products from a collection with an in-app edit. If you don't see the collection you're looking for go to Settings -> Refresh Collections

Spreadsheet Edits

For a spreadsheet edit you can either of the following to add or remove a collection:

  • The collection's handle
  • The full name of the manual collection

You can use additional columns if you want to add or remove multiple manual collections in a single edit.

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