Tags are arbitrary labels you can apply to your products to make them easier to search or manage. You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to modify product tags in bulk.


  • When tags in Shopify are compared they are considered case-insensitive. For example, the tags 'on-sale' and 'ON-SALE' would be equal
  • Tags may contain spaces but cannot contain commas
  • Depending on your theme, all product tags may be displayed to customers on the product detail pages
  • With the introduction of Metafield Types in June 2021, metafields may be a better way to store additional information about a product

In-App Edits

  • If you want to fix the case of a tag, for example change 'on-sale' to 'On-Sale', you can use the Rename Tag option in the in-app edit
  • If you want to add a new tag to a product you will need to press 'enter' after typing in the name of the tag

Spreadsheet Edits

You can add multiple tags to a product in a single column by separating the tags with a comma:

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