Inventory Level

The inventory level keeps track of how many units of a variant you have in stock at a specific location. You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to edit the inventory levels of variants for specific locations in bulk


  • When you set an inventory level for a variant you also need to set a location.
  • By default your store will have a single location but you can use multiple locations to keep track of inventory at different warehouses or from different suppliers
  • The inventory levels must be a whole number but can either be positive or negative
  • Editing an inventory level only works if Shopify is set to track the variant's inventory level
  • If you are on the Advanced plan or above, edits that only change inventory levels will run significantly faster

In-App Edits

When you run an in-app edit, you need to choose a location for the inventory from the 'Location' drop down:

Spreadsheet Edits

When you update inventory levels with a spreadsheet, you can choose the location for the inventory from the drop-downs. You can update multiple inventory levels at once:

When parsing numbers for the inventory levels, the comma will be treated as the thousands separator.

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