Bulk editing metaobject references in Shopify

You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to quickly edit metaobject reference metafields through either an in-app edit or with a spreadsheet. While the general process is the same as editing other fields, there's a few things to keep in mind when working specifically with metaobjects.

Syncing metaobject data from Shopify

While most product data is synced between the app and Shopify in real time, metaobject data is not. When you create or modify metaobjects in Shopify they will not be immediately visible in the app.

The app will periodically sync the metaobject data from Shopify.

However, if you have recently made edits to your metaobjects and want them to appear in the app right away you can do the following:

  1. Open up the app and go to Settings -> Shopify Data in the left menu
  2. In the table, click on the refresh icon in the 'Metaobjects' row

If you don't see 'Metaobjects' in the table you may need to update the app's permissions. At the top of the 'Shopify Data' page there should be callout prompting you to do so.

Bulk editing metaobjects with an in-app edit

To set metafield references you can follow the usually process for an in-app edit. After you've selected the field you want to edit (a metafield of the 'metaobject reference' type) you will have two ways to edit the field:

  • Set the metaobject reference
  • Delete the reference

To set the metaobject reference, click on the Choose metaobject button. A popup selector will appear where you can search for the metaobject you want to add.

Once you have selected your metaobject you can preview the edit and run it as usual.

Editing metaobject references with a spreadsheet

You can use a spreadsheet to edit metaobject reference fields. The process is the same as with other fields. The app will accept the following values in the column that you are using to edit the metaobject reference:

  • The metaobject's handle (eg, my-first-metaobject )
  • A GID for the metaobject (eg, gid://shopify/Metaobject/10390765649 )

Editing list.metaobject reference metafields

You can also use a spreadsheet to set a list of metaobject references. The list either needs to be JSON-encoded or separated by commas. For example:

  • ["my-first-object", "my-second-object"]
  • my-first-object,my-second-object
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