Compare at Price

The Compare at Price is the original price for a product if it's on sale. You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to modify variant Compare at Prices in bulk.


  • The Compare at Price field is the meant to be used at the original price for a product before it was put on sale
  • The Compare at Price field can be blank, zero or a positive number
  • If the Compare at Price is greater than the Price, most themes will consider the product to be on sale and will show the Compare at Price with a line through it
  • At the end of 2020 Shopify temporarily announced that you could no longer have a price that was greater than the compare at price. They reversed this policy in January 2021.

In-App Edits

When you edit the Compare at Price field you can modify the Price field at the same time in the following ways:

  • Set the Price to the current Compare at Price value. This can be used to end sales
  • Set the Price to a fix value, for example $10

Spreadsheet Edits

The app will use the following rules to update a price from a given cell in a spreadsheet:

  • Text around the numbers, like currency names or symbols, are removed
  • The comma is treated as a thousands separator
  • The period is interpreted as the decimal separator

Please contact us if you are having difficulties with the app extracting the correct number for an update

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