In-App Edits Vs. Spreadsheet Edits

There are two options for modifying products using the Bulk Editor app:

  • Use the 'in-app' bulk edit to both filter and modify the products
  • Upload a spreadsheet into the Bulk Editor app that contains the changes you wish to make. 

In this article, we discuss the differences between the two.

In-App Edits

In-app edits allow you to filter the products to be modified (based on product options) and then use predefined edits to make the modifications. The predefined options available vary based on the field in question, and you can see some of the edit options available below. In most cases, in-app edits can be set up faster than spreadsheet edits. 

For those cases where the in-app filters or edit options are not sufficient, a spreadsheet edit can be used.

Description Field Edit Options:

  • Set text to value
  • Add text to end
  • Remove text from end
  • Add text to beginning
  • Remove text from beginning
  • Search/Replace

Price Edit Options:

  • Decrease by percent
  • Increase by percent
  • Change by fixed amount
  • Set to a fixed value
  • Set as a percent of Compare Price field
  • Set as a percent of Cost field
  • Set as a percentage of original value

Spreadsheet Edits

Spreadsheet edits are useful for those modifications that are not easily accomplished with an in-app edit, as you can use a spreadsheet editor like Google Sheets or Excel to both filter the products and make changes, then upload the file into the Bulk Editor app to update the products on the Shopify store. 

Some common things that can be done with a spreadsheet edit are:

  • Trim product fields to a specific number of characters.
  • Use wildcards for search and replace modifications.
  • Converting text to upper, lower, or proper (sentence) case.
  • Calculate costs or prices.
  • Filter products for other modifications.
  • Updating Inventory

If you have trouble setting up a formula for a spreadsheet edit with Google Sheets or Excel, email us at

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