Editing Product Fields Using Placeholders from Other Fields

There may be times when you want to modify product fields using data from other fields. For example, you may need to add the vendor to the beginning of all your product descriptions. In this case, you would use the vendor placeholder to add to the beginning of the description field. We'll cover: 

  • Fields that can be edited using placeholders
  • Fields that can be used as placeholders
  • Using a placeholder

In order to follow along, you should have:

Fields that can be edited using placeholders

  • Barcode
  • Description
  • Google Shopping Fields Custom Labels 1 through 4
  • Manufacturer Part No
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Title
  • Option 1 Name / Value
  • Option 2 Name / Value
  • Option 3 Name / Value
  • Product Type
  • Size
  • SKU
  • Title
  • Vendor

Fields that can be used as placeholders

  • Handle
  • Compare Price
  • Price
  • Product ID
  • Product Type
  • SKU Tags
  • Title
  • URL
  • Vendor
  • Variant Count
  • Variant Options 1 through 3

Using a placeholder

In this example, we are going to update the Description field to include the Vendor at the beginning of the field.

To use a placeholder:

  1. Start an in-app edit,
  2. Filter for the products you wish to modify. 
  3. Field to Edit: Description
  4. How to Edit: Add text to beginning 
  5. Click the Add Placeholder dropdown and choose Vendor 

This will enter the placeholder code of {{ product.vendor }} into the text area for the edit. 

6. Click Run Edit

Adding a placeholder to the beginning of a field always includes a line return after the placeholder.

Using variant placeholders on Product-level fields

If you use a variant placeholder (like SKU or Price) on a product-level field (like the product's title), the app uses the value of the first variant.

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