Your first bulk product edit

In this article we'll take you through the steps of creating your first product edit. We'll cover:

  • Filtering for the products you want to edit
  • Specifying how you want to edit the products
  • Monitor the edit as it runs in the background

In our example we're going to lower the prices for all products in a collection by 10%. Let's get started!


In order to follow along you should have:

Filtering for the products you want to edit

When you load up the app you'll see a search form that looks like this:

This search is similar to Shopify's product search but has more advanced filtering options (like searching for products with less than 10 units in stock). For our example, we'll click on the Filter Products button, and search for all products in the "Accessories" collection. After just a second you will see all the products in the collection appear.

Once you're sure you have all the products you want to edit selected, click on the blue Modify Products button and we'll choose how to edit the product.

Specifying how you want to edit the products

On the next page we can choose what about each product we want to edit. Since we're going to decrease the prices by 10% we'll make sure that the Price and Decrease by percent options are selected:

We set the Decrease Percentage field to 10%. To make the prices look nicer (for example, 9.95 instead of 9.83) we'll also check the Round to nearest box.

As you modify these values, you will see a live preview of the edit below on the page. Once you're satisfied with the results, just click on the  Run Edit button and the app will modify the products for you.

Monitor the edit as it runs in the background

When you run an edit the app will process it in the background. Depending on the number of products you need to edit this might take some time to complete. You can monitor the progress of the edit on the Edit History page:

You don't need to stay at this page for the edit to finish. You can close the tab, grab a coffee and move on to something else.  You can read more tips about bulk editing here.

Next Steps

Now that you've performed a bulk edit there's several things you can try:

  • Use the Undo Edit button to revert the changes you just made
  • Use the Clone Edit button to prepare a new edit with the search filters from this edit pre-selected. This is great for saving time if you need to perform multiple edits on the same products

Don't have the app yet? Get it here

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