Ablestar Bulk Product Editor Plans

We've tried to design the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor app to accommodate the needs of a variety of stores. To that end, we offer the following plans.

Free Starter

The Free Started plan is designed for people who want to familiarize themselves with the app and for stores that only need to do the occasional edit. Features include:

  • Edit over 30 product fields and attributes
  • No limit on the number of products per edit
  • You can perform 5 edits every 30 days
  • 20 AI-generated product descriptions every 30 days

The free plan also has a couple of limitations to ensure it doesn't impact performance for other users.

Basic Plan

The basic plan allows for unlimited edits each month and is well-suited for stores that have a moderate number of edits to run a month. Features include:

  • All features from the free plan
  • Unlimited edits per month
  • Limit of 2 edits running at the same time
  • 500 AI-generated product descriptions every 30 days

Advanced Plan

This plan supports background jobs that run on a schedule. Features include:

  • All features of the basic plan
  • Edits to inventory levels are 10x faster
  • Schedule edits to run (and undo) at a specific time
  • Scheduled exports
  • Automatic Product rules
  • Limit of 5 concurrent edits
  • 1,000 AI-generated product descriptions every 30 days

Professional Plan

This plan is for stores that need inventory synced between different systems or have a team working on the products. Features include:

  • All features in the advanced plan
  • Set up recurring edits to run at a predefined schedule
  • Limit of 20 concurrent edits
  • 2,000 AI-generated product descriptions every 30 days
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