Inventory Sync Overview

Inventory Sync jobs can be used to periodically synchronize data between different suppliers or product feeds and your store. An Inventory Sync job will download a spreadsheet from a remote server (Dropbox/Google Drive/FTP/URL) and use that file to update product data in your Shopify store. The job can be configured to run on a custom schedule.

Crafting the URL for your spreadsheet

Before creating an Inventory Sync job you will need to obtain the URL to your spreadsheet. Here are the currently supported formats:

Dropbox: Generate a shareable, read-only link

FTP Server: Include the username and password in the URL, wildcards are also supported

Google Drive: Generate a shareable link for the file. Make sure the link has the necessary permissions to access the file.

Plain Web URL: This format represents a regular URL that you can access using a web browser.

Please contact us if you need help configuring the URL to access your spreadsheet.

Here are some examples of what the URLs could look like:*.csv

Creating an Inventory Sync Job

Once you have the URL to the spreadsheet (for example,, you can set up an Inventory Sync job by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Spreadsheet Edit section of the app, enter your URL and click on Upload
  2. Configure the edit as you normally would by selecting which columns should be used to update your Shopify data
  3. Click on the Inventory Sync tab above and choose a schedule for when your job should run
  4. Click on Run Edit at the top of the screen to create and run the job=

Once you've created the Inventory Sync job it will run once immediately and then continue to run according to the schedule that you configured.

You can modify the schedule and see the details of your Inventory Sync job by going to the Recurring Edits section in the main menu and clicking on the Inventory Sync tab.

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