Creating a product feed in Shopify with repeating product exports

Repeating product exports are a convenient way to automatically generate and share product data on a regular basis. You can export part of your product data to spreadsheet at a URL that you can share with resellers or other platforms. The data in spreadsheet it then updated on a regular basis.

This article explains how to set up a repeating product export in Bulk Product Editor.

How to create a recurring product export:

In order to create a recurring product export you will need to have the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor app install. Once you have it installed on your Shopify store, open it up and do the following:

  1. Search for the products you want to exclude in the export
  2. Click on the Export button at the top of the page
  3. In the 'File Name' box, type in a file name for the export. This can be something like "product_feed"
  4. Choose the columns and format for the export the same way you would for any product export

Now we need to have the export run on a repeating basis and make it available for others to download:

  1. Click on the Delivery Options tab on the Export Product Data page
  2. Check the Create Public URL box
  3. Under the 'Automated Delivery' section, click on the Repeat checkbox
  4. If everything looks correct, click on Generate Spreadsheet

You've now created a product export that will run on a repeating basis and upload that export to a URL.

Finding the URL for your recurring product export

Once you've created the export, you probably want to see the URL for the export so you can share it. From the list of all product exports, click on the recurring export you just created.

If the visibility of the URL is set to 'Public', you will see a URL like the following that you can share:

This URL is public, meaning that any one who has the exact URL can view the data. However, the URL includes a lot of random characters so it is almost impossible for someone to guess the URL. If you would like to make it so people cannot access the URL, click on the Public label to toggle it to 'Private'


Creating a reoccurring product export in Bulk Product Editor is a powerful feature that simplifies the process of sharing up-to-date product information.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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