Viewing all the edit history for a product

Sometimes you may want to know why a product displays a particular value. In the Bulk Product Editor app, you can view all the times a product has been edited within the app.

To view the edit history for a product:

  1. Open the app
  2. Enter the name of the product, then click Search

3. Click the Actions menu on the right of the product

4. Select Edit History

You will then see how many times the product has been edited. 

To view the edit that modified the product, click on the Edit name.

You can also navigate to the product edit history from a specific edit.

  1. Click on History > Edit History

This shows you all the edits where the product was modified, along with its variants.

Note: the product edit history only shows the edits that occurred within the Bulk Product Editor app. If the product price were modified in the Shopify admin, it would not be visible in the product edit history on the app. 

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