Free Plan Limitations

We've designed the free plan for the Bulk Product Editor app to help merchants make quick edits to their products and to let them evaluate the app. To ensure that free plans do not negatively impact performance for other users, the following limits may be in place for free plans:

5 Edits per 30 Days

You can use the free plan to edit any product or variant field, and there are no limits on the number of products you can edit at a time. The number of free edits remaining is calculated based on how many edits were run in the previous 30 days. 

Re-sync Required after 14 Inactive Days

The Bulk Product Editor app keeps a live copy of your products in our database, allowing you to run custom filters on your edits. When you first install the app, it will download a copy of your products to keep them in sync. If you do not use the app for 14 days, you may need to re-sync your products from Shopify before running any new edits.

Imports and Exports Limited to 100 Products

The Bulk Product Editor app allows you to export product data to spreadsheets and import products from a custom spreadsheet format. These imports and exports are limited to 100 products on the free plan.

20,000 Product Variant Limit

The Bulk Product Editor app can work on stores with over a million product variants. However, the free plan may be limited to stores with under 20,000 product variants.

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