Scheduling an Edit

Scheduling an edit can be very useful in many situations, including setting up and ending a sale. In this article, we'll take you through the steps of scheduling your first product edit. We'll cover: 

  • Spreadsheet edit vs. an in-app edits
  • Filtering for the products you want to edit (in-app edit)
  • Specifying how you want to edit the products (in-app edit)
  • Scheduling an edit 
  • Viewing scheduled edits
  • Canceling the scheduled edit

In order to follow along, you should have:

In our example, we're going to lower the prices for all products in a collection by 10%. Let's get started!

Spreadsheet edits vs. in-app edits

The Bulk Editor app will allow you to schedule an in-app edit or schedule a spreadsheet edit. In-app edits are useful when you are making uniform changes, such as adjusting all your prices by 20% for a sale.

However, if you needed to adjust all the prices by different amounts, you might be better off using a spreadsheet to make all the changes, then upload it into the Bulk Editor app to update the Shopify products.

Step 1: Filtering for the products you want to edit

This section applies to in-app edits. If you plan on doing a spreadsheet edit, upload the spreadsheet, and skip to the section titled "Scheduling a spreadsheet edit." 

Important: When a scheduled edit is run, it will update all products that match your search filters at the time the edit is run. If you modify a product in such a way that it no longer matches the search terms before the edit is scheduled to run, that product won't be included in the edit.

When you load up the app, you'll see a search form that looks like this:

This search is similar to Shopify's product search but has more advanced filtering options (like searching for products with less than 10 units in stock). 

To filter for the products you want to edit:

  1. Click Filters
  2. Search for All Products in the "Toys" collection:

After a second, we'll see all the products in the collection appear.

3. Once you have selected all the products you would like to edit, click Edit Products

4. Choose how to edit the product.

Step 2: Specifying how you want to edit the products 

Choose how you want to edit the products:

  1. Since we're going to decrease the prices by 10%, ensure that the Price and Decrease by percent options are selected.
  2. In the 'Decrease by this percentage' field, we'll enter 10
  3. Check Round to nearest, so all prices end with the same decimal 
  4. Select Set the compare price to the current price

As you modify these values, you will see a live preview of the edit below on the page:

Step 3: Scheduling an in-app edit

  1. Select Schedule Edit to set up the time and date for the edit. 
  2. Enter the date and time (times shown in the date picker match the shop's primary timezone) for the edit to take place in the Start the Edit section, or you can set it to run right away by clicking Now

If it is a sale you are scheduling, you may also want to schedule the undo of the edit (to end the sale). 

To set the undo date

  1. Enter the date in Undo the Edit Automatically section. Or, if you don't want to undo the edit, click No (you can always undo it manually later if need be).
  2. Click Run Edit to schedule the edit.

Step 4: Viewing Scheduled Edits 

To view scheduled edits: 

  1. Click History on the left hand side of the Bulk Editor page 
  2. Click Edit History

This will show a list of all edits you've done and the ones that are pending. 

3. Select the Scheduled Edits tab to only show the edits that are scheduled. 

Edits are listed by start time to make them easy to locate.

Step 5: Renaming the edit

If you have a lot of scheduled edits, it can be hard to keep track of them. 

To assign a custom name to an edit

  1.  Open up the edit in the Edit History section of the app. 
  2.  Click on the pencil icon next to the Edit Name.

3. Rename the edit in this popup. 

This name will show up in the Edit History so you can better keep track of your edit.

Step 6: Canceling the edit

 To cancel the edit:

  1. Select the edit name in the Edit History list
  2. Click Cancel Edit

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