Frequently Asked Questions

What fields can the Bulk Product Editor modify?

The app can modify over 30 product and variant fields, saving you hours of time. A complete list of all fields is available here.

Additionally, most of these fields can be edited dynamically. For example, you can do things like:

  • Set the compare price to be 20% above the price field, and round it
  • Set the product's title to be the product's "vendor" + "product type"
  • Search/replace in the product descriptions to add text on shipping policies

I have a list of SKUs and prices, how can I update them at one time?

You can upload a list of products to edit in either the CSV or Excel format and the Bulk Editor will update them all at once. To learn more, check out our article about editing products with a CSV or Excel upload.

What happens if I run two edits at once?

You can use the Bulk Editor to run multiple edits at the same time. Usually this will not cause of problem just keep in mind that there may be conflicts where two different edits try to edit the same field of a product at the same time.

Additionally, running multiple edits at the same time will cause each edit to run a little slower. This is because Shopify limits the number of requests per second that the Bulk Editor can make to your store.

Can I edit multiple fields at once?

You can use the spreadsheet edit function in the Bulk Editor to edit multiple fields at once. All you need is an identifying column (usually SKU), and columns for each of the fields you want to edit.

Can I modify product fields using data from other fields?

You can use "placeholders" from other fields to modify certain product fields. For example, if you wanted to add the vendor and SKU to the beginning of all your product descriptions, you would use the vendor and SKU placeholder to add to the beginning of the description field.

Why do the permissions needed for the app include access to order data?

Shopify has a number different permissions related to orders, and the one that the app requests is the 'read_fulfillments' permission. This allows us to see the different fulfillment services that a store uses so that you can edit them through the app. Unfortunately, this can cause confusion because the message you are shown sounds as if the app needs access to customer data, but it can't actually see any orders or customer information from your store.

We try to develop our apps requesting the minimum permissions necessary (we don't want to be like those 'free' apps that want all your order data). If you have any other questions about permissions please email us at

Can I schedule an edit? 

Yes, you can schedule an edit using both the in-app editor and the spreadsheet edit function. You can also have the edit undo itself at a specific time. This makes it easy to run sales that run for a limited time.

Can I export an audit log? 

The audit logs for the Bulk Product Editor are exportable spreadsheets that show all the edits that have taken place on your store. This can be useful to keep track of which edits were run when you have a team of people working in the app. Audit logs are available for 60 days.

I have a question that wasn't answered here...

Sorry about that! Please email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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