Required Shopify Permissions/Access Scopes for Ablestar Bulk Product Editor

When you install Ablestar Bulk Product Editor, Shopify will show you a screen like this to grant the app permissions to access your store data.

This article covers all the permissions that the app requests and why we need those permissions.

Summary of Permissions

In order the for the app to function it needs to be able to read certain data from Shopify as well as write data to Shopify (for example, to update the prices). The app requests the minimum permissions necessary for this functionality. Most of these permissions are related to product data.

The app does not read order information or customer information. It cannot see the number of orders you store processes or information about any customers. The one order-related permission the app needs is called read_fulfillments which you can read about more below.

Additionally, Shopify is encouraging apps to use their "managed installation" which optimizes the load time for an app. One side-effect of this is that all stores using the app need to have the same permissions. In other words, even if your store does not use Shopify Markets, you will still need to accept the read_markets permission when you install the app.

Every Requested Permissions

The following table lists each permission the app requires and why it is needed.

Permission Why it is required
read_products , write_products So the app can see and update standard product fields like prices, tags and product descriptions.
read_inventory , write_inventory Allows the app to read and update inventory levels across different locations.
read_markets , write_markets Makes it so you can update price lists across your different markets.
read_fulfillments This is necessary to see which fulfillment services a store offers. This way you can edit the fulfillment service of a product. The permission can be confusing because it makes it look like the app has the ability to read orders, which is does not.
read_metaobjects , write_metaobjects , read_metaobject_definitions , write_metaobject_definitions Needed for managing metaobjects and bulk editing metaobject reference metafields.
read_publications , write_publications Allows you to edit the visibility of products on Shopify POS
read_locations Permits the app to view the list of locations for your store, this is required for managing inventory.

If you have any further questions about the access scopes please contact support.

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