Skipping unchanged rows

With a typical edit, the Bulk Product Editor will go through each product and call the Shopify API to update those products. Depending on the number of products and fields being modified, this can take a while.

Since the app has a copy of the Shopify product catalog in it's database, it's possible to skip rows in the spreadsheet that wouldn't be changed. This should significantly speed up edits where most of the values aren't different.

To skip unchanged rows:

  1. Click on Spreadsheet Edit on the left menu and upload your spreadsheet
  2. After the file is processed, click on the Advanced Options button and select Skip unchanged rows
  3. Continue configuring your edit as you normally would and then click on Run Edit

When you run an edit that skips unchanged rows you'll see the number of skipped rows under the 'Rows Processed' section of the edit detail page. A row will only be skipped if all values in the row are the same as what is currently in Shopify.

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