Importing Customers or Orders to Shopify

You can use the app to migrate customers and orders from WooCommerce to Shopify. In this article we'll describe the process and mention a few things to keep in mind while doing the import.


In order to follow along you should have:

Email Notifications

Depending on your store's settings, Shopify might send out emails when you import orders. We strongly recommend disabling the following notifications before doing the order import:

Importing Customers or Orders

To get started with the customer or order import open up the Ablestar WooCommerce Importer app. You should see a screen where you can manage your import:


Scroll down the page until you get to  Customers & Orders. Here you have the option to import both customers and orders, or to just import customers. The process for both is similar and in most cases you'll want to import both the customers and orders.

You also have the option to only bring in orders since a given date. This is useful for stores that have large amounts of orders, and don't want to wait for a complete reimport of orders.

When you've selected you option, click on the  Import Customers/Orders button:


The app will now connect to your WooCommerce site and download all your orders and customers. Once it's downloaded them it will upload them to Shopify:


Depending on the number of orders you have this process may take a while. If you close out of the app and the order import will continue to run in the background.

Once this process is finished, you can find your imported customers and/or orders in your Shopify admin:


Next Steps

Now that you've imported your orders you can:


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