Search tips for in-app bulk product editing

We've collected some tips to help you be more effective with your In-App Edits. For more information on the differences between In-App Edits and Spreadsheet edits, click here.

Using the main search box

Once you install the Bulk Product Editor app for Shopify, you're presented with a page where you can search for the products you want to edit:

You can search for products by either:

  • Typing text in the main search box and pressing Enter
  • Clicking on the Filter dropdown and adding a filter to your search

The quickest way to search for products is to type in some text and press Enter (or click Search). When you do this, the Bulk Editor app will search for all products that contain that text in the products:

  • Title
  • Vendor
  • Product Type
  • Tags

To limit results, you can add additional filters with the Filter dropdown.

Toggle between searching for products that meet "all conditions" and "any conditions"

When filtering your products for an in-app edit, you can toggle between searching for "products that match any of the following conditions" or "products that match all of the following conditions" by clicking on the link underneath Filter.

How to view a product's details from the search results

Sometimes you might run a search and be unsure if a product you see in the results is the one you are looking for (you might have several different products with the same title).

To view the product's detail page:

1. Select the menu on the right of the product

2. Choose View in Shopify Admin

This will open the detail page in a new window so you can see all the information about the product.

You can also view the product's details by clicking on the thumbnail image in the search results.

Search for products with no weight

If a product in Shopify does not have a weight set, it will default to zero. You can find these products by selecting Filter and choosing the following options for the edit: 

  1. Select Filter
  2. Search for Weight = 0
  3. Select Add Filter

Search for products with no tags

  1. Select Filter on the main search page
  2. Choose Tag, then set the option to "contains" (both case sensitive and case insensitive will work) 
  3. Enter "EMPTY" into the field 
  4. Select Add Filter (or press enter).

Search for products with no description

To search for products with no description:

  1. Select Filter on the main search page
  2. Choose Description
  3. Set the option to Equals
  4. Select Add Filter (leave the field for the description empty).

Search for products that are published on your store (or not)

To search for products that are published on your online store:

  1. Select Filter on the main search page 
  2. Choose Published on Web 
  3. Select Yes, the product is published

If you would like to see unpublished products, repeat the steps above but choose No, the product is not published

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