Saving your product searches

It can be time-consuming to keep adding the same product filters repeatedly when you're doing an in-app edit. Ablestar's Bulk Product Editor app has two ways you can save time adding product filters: cloning an edit and saved searches. In this article, we'll briefly cover how to use saved searches.

Creating a Saved Search

To create a saved search:

  1. Go to the In-App Edit section of the app and start adding product filters. Once you add the first filter, you'll see a Save Search button appear:

2. When you click on Save Search, you'll see a popup where you can enter a label for the saved search. 

Try and use a descriptive title so you'll be able to identify the search later quickly:

3. Once you click on Save, the app will store the search filters so you can use them at a later time.

Loading a Saved Search

After you've saved your search, you'll see the name of your saved searches appear above the search bar on the In-App Edit page:

Select the saved search's name to load the saved search. All the search filters will be loaded for you. The saved search will replace any product filters that you currently have selected.

Renaming or deleting a Saved Search

You can manage your saved searching by going to Settings -> Saved Presets in the main menu of the app. The 'Saved Searches' tab of this page allows you view, rename and delete your saved searches.

To name a saved search click on the blue icon with a pencil next to the saved search. This will open up a prompt where you can rename the saved search.

To delete a saved search on the blue trash can icon

You can also load the saved search from the settings page by clicking on the eye icon.

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