Identifying and Fixing Duplicate SKUs in Shopify

You can use the Bulk Product Editor app to search for duplicate SKUs on your Shopify store. In this article, we will go through the steps to search for duplicate SKUs and how to fix them.

The app also has a filter for duplicate barcodes and you can use the same process to identify and fix those.

In order to follow along, you should have:

Step 1: Filter for products with duplicate SKUs

  1. Open the Bulk Product Editor app
  2. Select Filters
  3. Search for Has Duplicate SKU, then press enter to select
  4. Select Export 

5. Select Variant ID as the Identifier column

6. Choose the following variant attributes:

  • SKU
  • Option 1 Value
  • Option 2 Value
  • Option 3 Value

7. Select Generate Spreadsheet

8. Once the edit is complete, Download the spreadsheet

Step 2: Modify spreadsheet with duplicate SKUs

  1. Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet, you can view all products with duplicate SKUs

2. Modify the product SKUs so that each product variant has a unique SKU

Step 3: Upload the modified spreadsheet

  1. After the SKUs have been fixed, go back to the Bulk Product Editor app and select Spreadsheet Edit
  2. Select Click to Upload Spreadsheet

3. Select the Excel or CSV spreadsheet to upload. The app will process the file and see which products each row matches with.

Once the file has been processed, you'll see the data from your spreadsheet on the screen.

4. As we only want to fix the SKUs, make sure that only the SKU column is selected 

5. Select Run Edit

The SKUs in your Shopify store will now be updated to have unique SKUs. 

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