Searching for Products with no Tags

The Bulk Product Editor app allows you to filter for products by tags. Sometimes though, it can be helpful to show products that have no tags. In this article we'll show you how to search for these.


To follow along you should have:

Searching for Products with no Tags

When you open up the Bulk Product Editor you'll see a page where you can search for the products you want to edit:

If you click on the Filter Products button you'll see a lot of different ways that you can filter for products. To find products with no tags we'll add a filter for:

  • Tags
  • contains (case sensitive or case insensitive will both work)
  • [EMPTY]

That's it! Now you can edit all the products that don't have any tags.

Next Steps

Now that you've selected the products you want to edit, you can continue creating your edit.

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