Connecting/Disconnecting Inventory to Locations

Shopify allows you to set up multiple locations in your Shopify store to track inventory and fulfill orders from various locations. Using multiple locations gives you the ability to ship to your customers more efficiently, based on where you have available inventory.

Locations can be configured in the Settings sections of your Shopify store. You can see the locations for a particular product and the inventory levels in each location.

However, Shopify does not track inventory in each location by default unless it is configured to do so. Once the product is connected to a location, you can track inventory in that location. 

You can use the Bulk Product Editor to search for products that are connected or not connected to a location. You can then update these products with either an in-app or spreadsheet edit.


  • If you disconnect a product from a location, the inventory level for that location, prior to disconnecting, will be lost. If you reconnect that location, the inventory level will be 0. 
  • When you connect a product to a new location, the inventory level will be 0 by default. You will need to run a new edit to modify the inventory level.

In-App Edits

Searching for products connected to a location

Follow these steps to filter for products (not) connected to an inventory location:

  1. Open up the Bulk Product Editor app and click on the Filters button
  2. Search for Connected Inventory Location
  3. Choose Inventory is not connected to
  4. Click on the name of your location
  5. Select Add Filter

Connecting/Disconnecting products to a location

Once you have your products filtered you can perform an in-app edit to connect them to a location.

  1. Select Edit Products on the top-right of the screen
  2. Configure your edit with the following parameters:
    1. Field to Edit: Connect Inventory Locations
    2. How to Edit: Connect inventory to location
    3. Connect Inventory to this location: West Coast Warehouse (the name of your new location)

  3. Select Run Edit

When you view these products in your Shopify store, you will see that they are tracked at two locations.

Disconnecting inventory

The process for disconnecting inventory is the same as above, just select Disconnect inventory from location under 'How to edit'  drop down:

Spreadsheet Edits

If you have a number of products you want to connect to different locations it might be quicker to use a spreadsheet edit. You spreadsheet will need two columns: a product identifier (handle, SKU etc..) and the ID of the location you want to connect or disconnect:

The number at the end of the URL (1234567890) is the location ID.

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