Exporting Shopify Data to CSV

There may be times you need to generate a spreadsheet of your products. You might need to do cost calculations, modify titles or update inventory, and many times it is easier to do these things in programs like Excel or Google Sheets. Once you have updated the data in the spreadsheet, you can use it to upload into the Bulk Editor app to update the Shopify products.

In this article we'll take you through the steps of exporting your Shopify product data to a spreadsheet with the Bulk Editor. We'll cover:

  • Choosing the columns to export
  • Generating the spreadsheet
  • Downloading the spreadsheet


In order to follow along you should have:

  • The Bulk Product Editor installed on your Shopify store
  • Products on your Shopify store to export
  • A spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets to view or modify the spreadsheet once complete

Choosing the columns to export

To generate a spreadsheet of your Shopify products, first click the " Speadsheets" link on the left hand side of the Bulk Editor app, then, click "Export  Spreadsheet".

You will see a field labeled "Identifier Column" towards the top of the page. This is the field that will be used to identify the products, and will also be the first column in the spreadsheet (the first column in the spreadsheet is always the match field).

Beneath the "" field, You will see a list of product and variant attributes. You can include any of these attributes in the spreadsheet by clicking the box beside that option. Additional fields can be used to filter the list after it is generated, and you can include as many as you need. Keep in mind that if you plan on using the spreadsheet to upload into the app for an edit, it will only read the first 2 columns in the file, all others will be ignored (you can rearrange or delete extra columns easily inside the spreadsheet editor you are using).

If you include product and variant columns, there will be a row for each variant in the spreadsheet that's generated.

Generating the spreadsheet

Once you have chosen all the columns you want to include, click the "Generate Spreadsheet" button towards the bottom of the screen. The progress of the spreadsheet can be seen in the list below it, along with any other spreadsheets that have been generated in the past. 

Downloading the spreadsheet

All of the spreadsheets that have been generated can be viewed by clicking 'History' on the left, and then 'Exported Products'. You will see an icon to download each export beside the spreadsheet on the list.  Keep in mind the older spreadsheets will have old data, so if you have made any changes since the spreadsheet was generated, those changes will not be included in the older spreadsheet, and it would be safer to generate a new one.

Modify and upload the spreadsheet into the app

Once you have download the spreadsheet, you can use a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets to filter and modify the data.  Microsoft Excel is relatively inexpensive these days, but Google Sheets is free and will work as well.
Once you have modified the data, you can use it to update your Shopify products by completing a spreadsheet edit with the Bulk Editor. If you've never completed a spreadsheet edit, this document will explain the process in more detail: Editing Shopify Products with a Spreadsheet

Next Steps

Now that you've exported a spreadsheet, here's a few more things you can try:

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