Types of Product Imports

The Ablestar Bulk Product Editor app has two different ways to import product data.

Create New Products

Use this method if you want to create new products from scratch. You'll need a CSV file with the following columns at a minimum:

  • Product title
  • Price

The columns themselves can be named whatever you want, and you can map them to the correct Shopify fields in the app.

Add/Update New Variants

Choose this option if you want to add variants to existing products in Shopify. You'll need a spreadsheet with at least three columns:

  • One column to identify the product: either the handle, Shopify ID, or title of the product
  • The variants' option 1 values (e.g., Small, Medium, Large)
  • The variants' prices

If a variant with the matching option values already exists in Shopify for that product, it will be updated.

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