Creating Products with the Bulk Editor

In this article, we'll take you through the steps of using a spreadsheet to import products with the Bulk Editor app. We'll cover:

  • Formatting your spreadsheet
  • Mapping the product fields to Shopify fields
  • Finding and editing your newly created products

In our example, we're going to import one product with three variants.

In order to follow along you should have:

Step 1: Formatting your spreadsheet

You can download a sample CSV template to see an example of the format required to import products using the Bulk Editor app. 

In this sample file, there is one product with three variants. The labels for the variants options are stored in the 'Option Name' fields, and the values for those variants are stored in the 'Option Value' fields. All variants of the same product share a 'Handle'. This is the field that groups them together in one product. You can find a complete list of the field descriptions here.

To upload your spreadsheet into the Bulk Editor app:

  1.  Click Import Products/Variants
  2. Click Click to Upload Spreadsheet

Step 2: Mapping the product fields 

  1. If the field names in your spreadsheet match the field names in Shopify, you can click Autodetect and map the fields automatically. If the names do not match, you may have to manually map them by clicking the dropdown beside the field. 
  2. When you are ready, click Import Products at the bottom of the screen to complete the import.

Step 3: Finding your newly created products

To find the products after they have been imported: 

  1. Click History on the left 
  2. Click Imported Products
  3. Select the Import Name from the list. 

Step 4: Editing your newly created products.

  1. You can also edit them by clicking Edit Products on the history page for the imported products. You can read more about in-app edits here.

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