Modifying Product Descriptions with HTML

Modifying Product Descriptions with HTML

There are are two options for modifying products using the Bulk Editor. One option would be to use the 'in-app' bulk edit to both filter and modify the products, and the other option is to use a spreadsheet edit. You can read more about the differences between in-app (bulk) edits and spreadsheet edits here.  Whichever method you choose, keep in mind that the 'Description' field in Shopify is stored in HTML, which is what determines the formatting of the field. 

You can see the HTML version of any product description by clicking the 'Show HTML' button above it on the product page.

You will need to use the exact HTML shown in this box when performing edits with the Bulk Editor.  For example, in the product description above, let's assume I want to do an in-app edit to remove "And wait, there's more! You also get six dice."  I would do this by choosing  'Search Replace' as how to edit, and then using ' <p><em>And wait, there's more!</em> You also get six dice ' as the text to search for, then entering a space as the text to replace it with, as in the image below.

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