Cloning an Edit

There may be times you need to make multiple changes to the same set of products. Instead of repeatedly setting up the same product filters to isolate the products, you can clone an edit to save time. 

In this article we'll take you through the steps of cloning a product edit. We'll cover:

  • How cloning an edit works
  • Identifying and cloning the edit
  • Choosing the field to modify
  • Running the Edit


In order to follow along you should have:

How Cloning an Edit Works

Cloning an edit copies the original search, and then allows you to choose different fields to edit. Because it's repeating the original search, it does not work if the field you are searching for is the same field you edited in the original search.
For example, if the original search was for products < $20, and then those prices were changed to $30, when you clone the edit you won't see any products listed, because no products match the < $20 condition any more.  

Identifying & Cloning the Edit

To find the edit you wish to clone, click the "History" link on the left hand side of the Bulk Editor app, and then click 'Edit History'. You will see a list of all edits, and their status, progress, and start date. 

To clone an edit, click the title in the list, then click the "Clone Edit" link on the right hand side of the screen.

Choosing the Field to Edit 

After clicking " Clone Edit", you will see a list of all the products that match the search criteria for the original edit. Click the "Modify Products" button on the right hand side of the page to choose the fields you want to edit.

Running the Edit

Once you have chosen the fields to modify, click the " Run Edit" button to run the edit immediately, or the "Schedule Edit" button to schedule the edit to run at a time in the future.

Next Steps 

Now that you've cloned an edit, here are more things you can try:

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