Deleting Shopify Products with the Bulk Editor

You can use the Bulk Product Editor app to remove products that match specific criteria. In this example, we'll remove all products without a product image by filtering for that criteria and then proceeding to delete the products.

In order to follow along, you should have:

Step 1: Filter For Products to Delete

1. Open the Bulk Product Editor app > select  Filters, then choose Doesn't have images. The Bulk Product Editor will list all matching products:

2. Select Edit Products.

Deleting the Products

  1. Select Delete Products under Field to Edit

2. All the products meeting your filter criteria will be listed under Field to edit. Review them to ensure only the products you want to delete are listed, and then select Delete Products.

3. The app will start deleting the products one by one. You can cancel the process to save products that haven't been deleted yet. However, once deleted, a product is permanently lost. 

Deleting only Duplicated Products

There's no easy way to determine duplicate products, but assuming that your product titles are unique, the handle (this is the URL identifier, like '1lb-bag-of-coffee') for a duplicate product will end with -1 on a new site. We can use that to tag duplicate products for deletion and then delete them.

To filter for duplicate products choose the following options:

  • Field: Handle
  • Comparison: Ends with
  • Value: -1

It should look something like this:

  • Select Add Filter, and then delete the products as shown above.
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