Google Shopping Feed Overview

You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to publish your products to Google Shopping. This bypasses the need for an additional app to manage your Google Shopping connection and gives you more visibility than using the Google Sales Channel.

How to get your products into Google Shopping

At a high-level, the process for getting your Shopify products into Google Shopping is:

  1. Creating a repeating export in the Google Shopping format. This will provide you with a URL to your feed that is continuously updated.
  2. Going to Google Merchant Center and configure a scheduled fetch for your feed. Once this is setup Google will download the products from your feed and import them into Google Shopping

How the feed is generated

The app uses a combination of product fields and metafields to generate your Google Shopping feed. For example, to find the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) for a product the app will take the first value it finds from:

  1. A variant metafield named "mm-google-shopping.mpn"
  2. A product metafield named "mm-google-shopping.mpn"
  3. The variant's SKU

You can read our documentation to see a complete list of the Google Shopping fields and how they're generated.

How to view your feed

If you need to see the contents of our feed, maybe to track down a data issue, you can open up the feed in Google Sheets. This way you can see the exact data that Google is using for your products.

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