Viewing your Google Shopping Feed in Google Sheets

After you've created your Google Shopping feed you may want to view the raw contents of the file. This can be helpful in debugging data issues between Shopify and Google.

The Google Shopping feed file is in a tab-deliminated format (also know as a TSV file). You can view the TSV file in Google Sheets by doing the following:

  1. Open up the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor and go to History -> Export History in the left menu
  2. Click on the Google Shopping feed that you want to view
  3. The app will display a URL to your Google Shopping feed. Click on the URL and save the downloaded file to your computer:
  4. Open up Google Sheets and create a new spreadsheet
  5. From the top menu bar choose File -> Import and upload the file that you just downloaded from the app
  6. In the next popup, leave the default options selected and click on Import data
  7. Your data will show up in Google Sheets

Now that your data is in Google Sheets you can easily filter for the products you want to examine.

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