How To Bulk Edit Metafields in Shopify

One of the features that make Shopify so versatile is the use of metafields. Metafields give you the ability to store extra information on your products, collections, orders, blogs, and more. However, managing these metafields can be a challenge, especially when you're dealing with bulk editing. That's where Ablestar's Bulk Product Editor app comes in handy.

You can use the Bulk Product Editor to edit your metafields as you would edit other product and variant fields as long as they're defined in Shopify

Updating Metafield Definitions

When you install the Bulk Product Editor app, it will check with Shopify to see which metafields you have defined. Any defined metafields can then be edited through the app. You can see a list of the metafield definitions the app knows about by going to Settings > Metafields

If you add or modify a metafield definition in the Shopify admin, you may need to tell the app to update your metafield definitions. 

To update your metafield definitions:

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Select Metafields 
  3. Click Refresh in the "Shopify Metafield Definitions" section. 

Notes on Editing Metafields

While we try to treat metafields the same as any other editable field, there are a couple of things to keep in mind specific to metafields: 

  • Edits for metafields will take longer because they require more API calls than most other edits
  • If you add a new metafield namespace, we recommend redownloading all metafields. 

To redownload all metafields:

  1. Go to Settings  
  2. Select Metafields
  3. Click on Refresh Metafields at the bottom


Bulk editing metafields in Shopify is an efficient way to manage and update your store's data.

With our Bulk Product Editor, you can not only handle your metafields with ease, but also perform other multiple edits, including product fields, variant fields, and Google Shopping fields. Here's a list of all the editable fields in the Bulk Product Editor.

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