Bulk editing Google Shopping Fields

You can use Shopify to publish your products to Google Shopping. To give your products the best visibility, there are additional fields that you can configure within the Shopify admin:

This works great for editing a single product, but there's no way to edit multiple products at once, and going through, product by product, can take days. 

In this article, we'll show you how to edit these Google Shopping fields for multiple products simultaneously, either with the Bulk Product Editor app or via a spreadsheet.

In order to follow along, you should have:

Editing Google Shopping Fields in the App

If you need to bulk set a Google Shopping field to the same value, you can use In-App Edit. After you've searched or filtered for the products you want to edit: 

1. Select Edit Products.

2. Click on the Field to Edit dropdown and scroll down to the Google Shopping Fields section. Choose the field you want to edit (e.g., Age Group) and then set the value for the field:

3. Then click Run Edit, and the products will start updating. 

Editing Google Shopping Fields with a Spreadsheet

In some cases, you might want to set a field with different values for different products (E.g., the Manufacturer Part Number field). The easiest way to do this is to prepare a spreadsheet with two or more columns. The first column contains a product identifier (usually handle, title, or product ID), while the additional columns have the values you want to edit.

The file should look something like this:

  1. Once the file is ready, open the Bulk Product Editor app and go to Spreadsheet Edit.
  2. Select Click to Upload Spreadsheet to upload your spreadsheet.

The app will analyze the spreadsheet and show you the first 20 rows. 

3. In the Set to Field dropdown, scroll to the bottom and select the Google Shopping field you want to edit.

Below is an example of editing the Manufacturer Part Number:

4. Once the field is selected, select  Run Edit, and your products will be updated.

Caveats with Editing Google Shopping Fields

Shopify stores the Google Shopping Fields using metafields, which differs from how most fields are stored. This has a few implications:

  • Edits will take longer to run since we need additional API calls to update each product
  • The edit will update your Google Shopping fields in Shopify. The data may take additional time to sync between Shopify and Google Shopping.
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