Importing Translations for WooCommerce to Shopify

Wordpress and WooCommerce have several plugins which allow you to have your store display in different languages. Unfortunately Shopify doesn't have this capability built in to the core platform so the Woo Importer app cannot automatically import translations for you.

There are however several third-party app on the Shopify App Store, like Langify,  which support translations and we can help you import the data into those apps.

The process varies depending on which app you're using but generally we'll do the following:

  • Ask you to install the Ablestar WooCommerce Importer app and transfer your products to Shopify
  • Export the translation data from your Wordpress install and send it to us
  • We'll take the translation data and format it in a CSV format that you can upload to the Shopify app you use for translations

If you have any other questions about the process or want to get started just send us an email.

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