Editing ShipperHQ Product Attributes in Shopify

ShipperHQ lets you easily manage local pickup, delivery dates, and shipping rates from multiple carriers. If you are using Shopify, you can configure rules for different products by setting fields such as Origins, Shipping Groups, and Dimensions.

Ablestar Bulk Product Editor integrates with ShipperHQ so that you can quickly update these fields either directly in the app or with a spreadsheet.

Enabling the ShipperHQ Integration

In order for you to see the ShipperHQ fields in the Bulk Product Editor you need to enable the integration. To do this open up the app and:

  1. Click on Settings -> Integrations in the left menu
  2. Enable the toggle next to the 'ShipperHQ' integration

The app will quickly reload and the integration will be enabled. Now you will be able to see ShipperHQ fields throughout the app.

Bulk editing ShipperHQ fields with an in-app edit

Updating ShipperHQ fields in the app

To bulk edit ShipperHQ fields directly from the app you will need to filter for the products you want to edit and the configure the field(s) you want to edit. To do this open up the app and:

  1. Use the 'Filter' dropdown to select the products you want to edit
  2. Click on Edit Products in the top-right
  3. On the next page, click on the button under 'Field to Edit' and then click on ShipperHQ Fields
  4. Select the field you want to edit and configure it
  5. Click on Run Edit in the top-right of the page

Now the app will process your products in the background. If you see any mistakes you can always cancel or undo the edit. Learn more about bulk editing your products in Shopify.

Exporting Shopify ShipperHQ fields to a spreadsheet

The Bulk Product Editor can export your ShipperHQ fields in Shopify to a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. This can be useful for having a backup or for modifying the spreadsheet and re-uploading it to the app.

To export your ShipperHQ data to a spreadsheet open up the app and:

  1. Use the 'Filter' dropdown to filter for the products you want to export
  2. Click on the Export button in the top-right
  3. Configure your export, you will want to select the ShipperHQ fields you want to include at the bottom of the page
  4. Click on Generate Spreadsheet in the top-right

The app will process you spreadsheet, once it completes click on the Download button to view your file.

Importing ShipperHQ fields in Shopify with a spreadsheet

You can upload a spreadsheet with ShipperHQ data and the app will use that to update the fields in Shopify. You do not need to have the columns named a certain way, the only requirement is that the first column can be used to identify the product (handle, title, SKU etc..).

For example, the following spreadsheet could be used to update the Origins and Shipping Groups based on the product's handle:

Once you have a spreadsheet ready, open up the app and:

  1. Select Spreadsheet Edit on the left menu and upload your spreadsheet
  2. The app will analyze your file and show a page where you can configure which columns match with which data in Shopify
  3. For each column, click on the Select Field button and choose the ShipperHQ field you want to update
  4. Click on Run Edit at the top of the screen

As with the in-app edits, you can cancel or undo the changes if you change your mind. Learn more about editing your products with a spreadsheet.

Editable ShipperHQ Fields

The following fields ShipperHQ fields can be edited in the Bulk Product Editor. The app can support either product or variant-level fields but these need to match with your Parent Attribute configuration in ShipperHQ.

Field Name in App Shipper HQ Field Type
Shipping Group Name (product) Shipping Group Name Product
Origin Name (product) Origin Name Product
Dimensional Rules Name (product) Dimensional Rules Name Product
Length (product) Length Product
Width (product) Width Product
Height (product) Height Product
HS Code (product) HS Code Product
Shipping Group Name (variant) Shipping Group Name Variant
Origin Name (variant) Origin Name Variant
Dimensional Rules Name (variant) Dimensional Rules Name Variant
Length (variant) Length Variant
Width (variant) Width Variant
Height (variant) Height Variant
HS Code (variant) HS Code Variant


You can use Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to quickly and safely update your ShipperHQ data in Shopify. All changes you make to products are logged and you can undo them with a click. If you need any help editing your products please reach out to our support team.

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