Bulk deleting metafields in Shopify

You can use the Bulk Product Editor to delete multiple metafields at a time. If all the products you want to edit match a set of conditions (a certain vendor, or all products) you can do this with an in-app edit. If you have a list of SKUs (or other product identifiers) you can delete the metafields with a spreadsheet edit.

Deleting metafields with an in-app edit

You can use an in-app edit to delete metafields for all products, or all products that match certain condition. To do this open up the app and:

  1. Search for the products you want to edit and click on Edit Products on the top-right
  2. From the 'Field to edit' box choose the metafield you want to delete
  3. After you select the metafield you'll see a 'How to edit' dropdown to the right, select Delete metafield from the list
  4. Click on Run Edit in the top-right to delete the metafields

Tip: if you want to delete multiple metafields at once, click on the blue plus sign (+) below the 'Run Edit' button after you have configured the first metafield. This will let you modify multiple fields at once

Deleting metafields with a spreadsheet

If you have a list of product identifiers (SKUs, titles, product IDs etc..), and you want to delete metafields for those products, you can do so using a spreadsheet edit.

The first step is to prepare the spreadsheet in the following format:

  • The first column needs to identify a product or variant (SKU, title etc..)
  • Each additional column represents a field or metafield you want to edit. If you want to delete the metafield fill the cells with the text [DELETE] (this is case-sensitive)

A spreadsheet configured to delete three metafields for six products would look like this:

Once you've prepared the file, open up the Bulk Product Editor and:

  • Click on Spreadsheet Edit in the left menu and upload your spreadsheet
  • After the file finishes analyzing, click on the button above each column to make sure it's mapped to the correct metafield
  • Click on Run Edit in the top-right to start the edit

Undoing deleted metafields

Whenever you run an edit the Bulk Product Editor keeps track of the value of a field before the edit. This makes it easy to undo, or revert, the edit if you need to. If you use the app to delete the metafields, you can undo the edit and recover the metafields. To undo an edit:

  1. Click on History in the left-hand menu
  2. Find the edit where you deleted the metafields and click on it
  3. Click on the Undo button
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