Why do you need to analyze products when I install the app?

When you install the app you might need to wait while the app analyzes your products. What this means is that the app is creating a copy of your product data in our database. 

We need a copy of the product data in our database so we can support all the product search features in the app. Without it, you'd be limited to just a few search filters and they would take much longer to run.

You won't need to do this each time you start the app. Going forwards, Shopify will send us a message every time a product is updated (called a webhook). We take these messages and use them to keep our local copy of your products in sync with your Shopify data.

We only store product-related data (not orders) with this app and if you uninstall it we no longer receive the product updates from Shopify.

If you're on a free plan, you might need to re-analyze your products if you don't use the app for 14 days.

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