Shopify Markets Overview

Shopify Markets is a way to sell internationally without the need for a third-party app or a second Shopify store. The Ablestar Bulk Product Editor support several operations that integrate with Shopify Markets.

How the app and Shopify Markets work

You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to:

  • Use a spreadsheet to set fixed prices for one or more markets
  • Create new products with fixed prices for one of more markets
  • Export fixed prices from one or more markets to a spreadsheet

Data refreshes

The app functions by keeping a copy of your product data in its database. This allows it to perform complex searches and avoid some API rate limits. Unlike most product data, price list values can not by synchronized with the app in real time. The app will periodically download the Shopify Markets and price list data from the Shopify API. If you are performing an action like exporting your price list to a CSV we recommend that you manually refresh the Shopify Markets data first.

API Permissions

Depending on when you installed the Bulk Product Editor we might need additional API permissions before you can access the Shopify Markets price lists in the app. To check, open up the app and go to Settings -> Shopify Markets. If you see a message about API permissions you'll need to update them before you can access the price list data. 

Only members of a shop that have permissions to install new apps can update the permissions.

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