Google Shopping - Custom Product

You can use the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor to modify the Custom Product field for Google Shopping in bulk. This article contains some notes on the title in general and tips for in-app and spreadsheet edits.


  • The field indicates to Google Shopping whether a product is unique and built-to-order
  • The Custom Product field is stored as a product metafield in Shopify. The Google Shopping channel will use the value of the metafield to sync the data to Google Shopping

In-App Edits

There are only two values (yes/no) for the Custom Product field. You can make your selection by clicking on the corresponding radio button

Spreadsheet Edits

You can use any of the following values for setting the field with a spreadsheet edit.

If the product is custom:

  • 1
  • true
  • yes

If the product is not custom:

  • 0
  • false
  • no
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