Overview of Google Shopping, Shopify and Bulk Editing

You can use Shopify’s Google Channel to syndicate your products to Google and reach new buyers. The Google Channel makes it easy to get your products on Google and showcase them for free! You can then edit individual products with the Shopify Admin; however, there is no way to customize multiple products simultaneously. 

The Bulk Product Editor allows you to bulk edit Google Shopping fields. When you edit these Google Shopping fields using the Shopify Admin or the Bulk Product Editor, it sets the properties on the products and Shopify. 

There is then a background process between Shopify and Google that may take 2-3 days for the data to sync between Google and Shopify. Once the data has synced, the updated products will be available through Google Shopping.

For a faster alternative, you can setup a Google Shopping feed connection with the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor.

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