Verifying Google Shopping Data in Shopify

After you set your Google Shopping data you might want to check that the data in Shopify is correct. Behind the scenes the Google Shopping data is stored a product metafields. This articles outlines several different ways you can check your product's Google Shopping data in Shopify.

On the Product Detail Pages

Within the Bulk Product Editor app you can view and the Google Shopping fields for an individual product on the product detail pages:

Spreadsheet Export

You can also export a spreadsheet of your product data to view the Google Shopping fields for multiple products at once. There's two ways to do this:

  • From the product list page in the Shopify admin click on Export in the top right. This will provide you with a spreadsheet of your product data that includes columns of the Google Shopping data
  • You can use the Export Product Data section of Ablestar Bulk Editor to generate a spreadsheet of the data. Just select the Google Shopping fields from the configuration screen, along with any other fields you need, and it will generate for you.

In the Shopify Admin

Up until March 2023 it was possible to view the Google fields for a product directly in the Shopify admin. Unfortunately this is no longer possible however it is still possible to see the data in the Shopify admin, it just requires a little bit more work:

  1. Go the product list page in the Shopify Admin and look at the URL in the address bar
  2. In the URL, replace everything from /products on-wards with bulk?resource_name=Product&app_context=1780363&selectedView=all&;order=title+asc
  3. Load the new URL
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