Explaining Bad Links

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Bad Links Found During Site Scan

The Site Scan function of the Link Manager app scans the home page, product pages, collection headings, blog posts, and other pages for bad URLs. When the scan is finished, it will be listed on the Site Scan page along with the number of broken links and the number of pages scanned. 

If you click any of the scans, all the bad URLs will be listed along with the page they are on and the time the bad link was found.

If the bad link is found on a product page, collection heading, blog post, or page, a link to the admin page in Shopify is included so you can easily correct the URL (if you do not want to redirect it).

If the bad link is on the homepage of the site, you will not see a link to the admin page. If you would like to correct these, you will need to edit the theme. It may be contained in one of the sections of the theme or possibly in the theme code.

Visitor Errors

The Visitor Errors section of the Link Manager app lists 'page not found' errors as they occur. These links could be from old emails or bookmarks people may have saved, from old articles found on the web, or possibly old pages that Google or Bing still has indexed. Since you will not have access to these URLs to correct them, you can easily redirect them from the Visitor Errors page.

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