Enabling the app embed block to track broken link visits

Ablestar Link Manager uses an app embed block to enable broken link visit tracking on your website. An app embed block is a small piece of code, hosted by Shopify to improve performance, which is included in your theme.

When you install the app you will need to enable the app embed block in the Shopify admin. You can do so by:

  1. Opening up the Link Manager app and clicking on View Quick Start Guide (if you are not redirected there automatically
  2. Go to the 'Enable broken link visit tracking' step and click on the Go to admin button
  3. This will open up the page in the Shopify admin where you can enable the toggle next to 'Manage Redirects'
  4. Click on Save at the top of the page in the Shopify admin and then return to the app
  5. Click on the Verify button to confirm that the embed block is active

Enabling the Ablestar Link Manager in the Shopify admin

If you have enabled the app embed block and it does not verify, try clicking on Save in the Shopify admin, waiting a couple seconds, then try to verify the installation again.

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