Saving your product export configurations

When you export your product data from the Bulk Product Editor you need to select all the columns and other options when you configure the export. If you have several types of exports you run it can be a hassle to have to make your selections each time. This article explains how to save your different configurations to export presets.

Saving a new export preset

When you are creating a new export configure it as you usually would. Before you click on 'Generate Spreadsheet', click on the Save Preset button.

This will open up a popup window where you can enter a descriptive name for your preset. Now it will be available for future use.

Using a saved export preset

After you save a preset you will see a drop down next to the 'Save Preset' button. If you click on this drop down you can choose which preset to load.

When you select a preset it will load all your configuration options, including the delivery options.

Managing export presets

You can view, rename and delete export presets by going to Settings -> Save Presets in the main menu and selecting the Saved Export Presets tab. Next to each saved preset are the following buttons:

  • Pencil icon - rename the preset
  • Eye icon - create a new export with the preset
  • Trash icon - delete the preset
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