Bulk Editing Shopify's Search & Discovery Fields

In August 2022 Shopify launched a Search & Discovery app which, among other features, includes the ability to set related and complimentary products on your store.  In December 2022 Shopify allowed third-party apps access to the recommended and complimentary products section so you can now edit them with the Bulk Product Editor.

In order to follow along you should have:

Enable the Search & Discovery integration

Before editing the Search & Discovery fields verify that the integration is enabled. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings -> Integrations in the left-hand menu
  2. Make sure that the toggle next to Search & Discovery is turned on

Searching for products to edit

As with other in-app edits, use the search box and Filter dropdown to filter for the products you want to edit.

When you have the products selected click on the Edit Products button in the top right.

Selecting the related/complimentary products

On the next screen open up the "Field to Edit" dropdown and scroll down to the "Search & Discovery" section. Alternatively, you can start typing "related" or "complimentary" to show the matching fields.

Then we'll click on the Choose Products button below where we can select the products to add to the list. You can do this several times until you have all the products selected you need.

Starting the edit

Once you have the products selected click on the Run Edit button at the top of the page. Your products will start editing and you'll see the results on the next screen:

Verifying the results

You can verify the results by opening up the Search & Discovery app in your Shopify admin and going to the "Product Recommendations" section. There you'll see the products you just modified

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