Shopify Metafield Definitions with the mm-google-shopping Namespace

In 2021, Shopify added the ability to edit metafields natively in the Shopify admin using metafield definitions. 

Since Shopify stores Google Shopping fields as metafields, it would seem like you could now edit the Google Shopping fields directly from the product detail page. All you would need to do is create metafield definitions in the mm-google-shopping namespace, and then you wouldn't need to use this slow popup:

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work consistently. The reason is that metafield definitions have their own validation logic that can conflict with what the Google Shopping app is expecting. 

Using Ablestar Bulk Product Editor app

If you're using our app to modify bulk metafields, you'll see this warning in the settings section if you have metafield definitions in the mm-google-shopping namespace.

If you see this warning, you'll likely receive an error when you try and bulk update Google Shopping metafields.

To fix this, we suggest:

  1. Go to your Shopify admin 
  2. Delete the metafield definitions in the mm-google-shopping namespace (just the definition, not the saved values)

In the Bulk Product Editor app:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Metafields 
  3. Click Refresh under Shopify metafield definitions
  4. Try to edit the metafields again
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